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Stitch 'N Time Fabrics COVID-19 Update


Dear Stitch ‘N Time Friends,

 * Stitch 'N Time will limit in-store shopping to 8 customers at a time, and you will need to ring the door bell to be able to come into the store.


*Customers will be asked to use hand sanitizer as they enter the store and before using the credit card keypad.


* All customers, as well as Stitch 'N Time staff, will be asked to wear a mask while in the store.


*To provide service to you, we will continue to offer online shopping and/or phone orders with curbside delivery.


*We will be open 10am-6pm - Monday thru Saturday.


The safety of all of us is so important to me. Thank you for your understanding as we navigate the new normal.


Sincerely, Valerie Strycker

Stitch ‘N Time Fabrics

2305 Miami Street

South Bend, IN 46614



Mask Making ideas-

Dear Sewing Community,
There is a critical shortage of face masks for health professionals and first-responders.

We have been asked to mobilize our community to do what we do best: sew.

We are calling on you all now to share the "Keep Calm and Sew a Mask" campaign on all of your social media platforms.


There is a tremendous need for masks that tie at the top and the bottom, as seen below:


A large hospital uses hundreds of thousands of masks a week -- so we need to move as quickly as we can.

To start making an impact, get your materials ready and click the link below:

Click Here for Mask Making Instructions-

Thank you all for making a difference,

David Weinstein

President, Andover Fabrics

Andover Fabrics
1384 Broadway
Suite 1500
NY NY 10018


Additional information re: Sewing face masks.

Many places to find patterns for face masks.

The link to the mask that Andover sent was chosen specifically because elastic is in short supply. This pattern has ties.

Here is the link to the tutorial video:

Deaconess Medical Center in Evansville, IN was one of the first to request the public to sew face masks. They posted an update saying that they have plenty of masks coming their way. They encourage everyone to reach out to local hospitals, nursing homes, cancer-related organizations, etc. in your own local area to see if they need masks & to arrange a drop-off.

For adult or children's masks-
If you have elastic available, here is a link to the Deaconess Medical Center tutorial to sew a face mask (scroll to bottom):…


Related article:…/coronvavirus-who…/2884671001/

Each Hospital is different but at these times we know anything can help. Please help our community to be safe! (select “patterns: and scroll to find “adult medical face masks”.

FYI: dimensions are 9” x 6” for mask piece (need 2) and 7” for ¼” elastic (need 2)

Go back to- Videos and select adult medical face masks. SUPER SIMPLE!

Tips: Tightly woven cotton is best for barrier. At least one side needs to be cotton flannel. (Little remnants of quilt squares come to mind (Cotton can take really hot water).

Drop off places to help-
If you are local-

Beacon Health System
710 N. Niles Ave, South Bend, IN
Drop offs from 8am-5pm

Trail Point Village
1950 Ridgedale Rd
South Bend, IN 46614
Drop off at front door under awning inside double doors.
For more info call Kevin at 1-801-403-7917.

NO need to wash. They will be sterilized before use.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need additional info, or if I can help with anything else.

Thank You for helping!


Charities you can help with-

We are a Project Linus

Drop Off Center

Provide new, handmade, washable blankets to be given as gifts to seriously ill and traumatized children, ages 0-18. It is Project Linus' policy to accept blankets of all sizes, depending on local chapter needs. All blanket styles are welcome, including quilts, tied comforters, fleece blankets, crocheted or knitted afghans, and receiving blankets in child-friendly colors. Always remember that blankets must be homemade, washable, free of pins, and come from smoke-free environments due to allergy reasons.

To help you get started, be sure to check the "Patterns” page. There you will find links to many of the popular, free patterns.

Kid’s Pillowcases     



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 2305 Miami Street
       South Bend, IN 46614


Stitch 'N Time FABRICS

We started with a building that needed much work  and with the help of many we were able to open in the Fall of 1993.  We only had a few bolts of fabrics and notions on the store floor.