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A Cat For All Seasons by Benartex

A Festive Season 2 by Jackie Robinson for Benartex

A Festive Season by Benartex

A Wooly Autumn by CHERYL HAYNES for Benartex

A Wooly Garden by CHERYL HAYNES for Benartex

Amazing Poppies by Benartex

Arbor Hill by Benartex

Autumn Leaves by Benartex

Berkley Square by Michele Amore for Benartex, Inc.

Birds of a Feather by Benartex

Bittersweet by Benartex

Blueberry Hill by Kanvas Studio

Blushed Houndstooth by CHERYL HAYNES for Benartex

Butterfly Jewel by Kanvas for Benartex

Cat-I-tude by Benartex

Chickadees & Berries by Benartex

Christmas Spectacular by Benartex

Color Sphere, Cosmic Strands by Kavas Studio for Benartex

Daisy Delight by Benartex for Kanvas Studio

Dance of the Dragonfly by Kanvas for Benartes

Evelyn's Etched Tulips by Benartex

Festive Chickadees by Jackie Robinson for Benartex

Forever Sunflowers by Benartex (Kanvas); collection of 10 fabrics

Fossil Fern (100 colors) by Benartex

Fun In The Sun by Kanvas

Home of the Free By Benartex

Hooked on a Fish by Benartex

Inky Sky by Benartex

Jingle All The Way

Joey the Shop Dog

Kanvas Studio by Benartex

Lemon Fresh by Kanvas Studio

Lilacs in Bloom by Benartex

Lullaby Balis by Benartex

Magnificent Blooms by Benartex

Metallic Lace by Benartex

Midnight Paradise by Kanvas Studio for Benartex

My Secret Garden by Benartex

Nature's Pearl by Kanvas for Benartex

New Traditions by Kanvas for Benartex

Nordic Holiday by Contempo for Benartex

Oh My Stars by Benartex

Pearlescent Wave Texture by Benartex

Perennials by Benartex

Ribbon Floral by Benartex

Roost by Beth Albert for Benartex

Shadow Blush by Benartex

Smarty Cats by Benartex

Spring Garden Gnomes By ANDI METZ for Kanvas Studio

Sun Valley by Benartex

The Land I Love by Benartex

Tranquility by Benartex

Tulip Festival by Benartex

Vineyard Classics II by Kanvar for Benartex

Violet Twilight by Kanvas Studio

Wave Texture by Benartex

Wine Connoisseur by Kanvas Studio

Winter Wonderland by Cheryl Haynes for Benartex

Winter Wool by CHERYL HAYNES for Benartex

Woodlands by Benartex

Word Play by Benartex

Ale House by Kanvas Studio for Benartex


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A Festive Season by Benartex 2642M 07


A Festive Season panel by Benartex 2640M 07


A Miracle blue feet by Benartex - 1023 55


Autumn Fauna Book Binder Olive Kanvas Studio by Benartex - 5665-49


Autumn Moon by Benartex


BEN13119-84-Christmas Magic Designer: Kelly Rae Roberts Botanical Magic - Digital Print


BEN13123-72 Christmas Magic by Benartex-Designer: Kelly Rae Roberts Patterned Deer - Digital Print


Black Autumn Elegance Panel w/Metallic-1664MB-99


Black/Multi Autumn Elegance Squares 24" Panel w/Metallic-1665MB-99


Botanical Leaves 8937M-07 by Kanvas


Burlap Straw by Benartex 757-71


Butterfly Fandango Dark Teal by Benartex 1462M-58


Butterfly Fandango Ivory by Benartex 1462M-07


Catitude, Small Geo Squares Black-4208-12


Christmas Spectacular Pine by Benartex - 2730-44


Christmas Spectacular Poinsettia Black by Benartex - 2725-12


Christmas Spectacular Scroll black by Benartex - 2728-12


Christmas Spectacular Scroll cream/black by Benartex - 2728-07


Christmas Spectacular scroll pine by Benartex - 2728-44


Christmas Spectacular Scroll Red by Benartex - 2728-10


Contempo Studio Elephant Joy by Terry Runyan Collection-10412B-09-White Tossed Elephants Digitally Printed


Dance of the Dragonfly Aqua/green by Kanvas for Benartex - 8502M-84


Dance of the Dragonfly Deep Lavender by Kanvas for Benartex - 8501M-66


Dance of the Dragonfly Sky by Kanvas for Benartex - 8500M-51


Fossil Fern Blue Green by Benartex - 528-113


Fossil Fern by Benartex Deepest Moss


Fossil Fern Peach 528-94


Fossil Fern Pink Mauve by Benartex - 528-LL


Fossil Fern Plum Lavender by Benartex - 528-106


Fossil Fern - Lavender 528-105


Fossil Fern Balsamic Wine by Benartex 528-56


Fossil Fern Benartex Cocoa 00528-0G


Fossil Fern Benartex Chocolate 528-0N


Fossil Fern Benartex Trout 528-12


Fossil Fern by Benartex Orange Lagoon 528-66






Fossil Fern Cloudy Day by Benartex 528-Y


Fossil Fern Raffia by Benartex 528-36


Fossil Fern Steel by Benartex 528-T


Fossil Fern Sun Tan by Benartex 528-1E


Fossil Fern Sunset by Benartex - II


Happiness 24" Panel by Contempo


Hearty The Snowman 24" Panel-Multi -7570B-99


Hometown Spirit by Benartex, 2/3 yd Panel, Harbor Blue-4028-55


Joey the Shop Dog by Benartex 01446-07


Joey's Diary Panel, Blue, Benartex, 1445-50


Kismet Manadals purple/multi panel by Benartex 01771-66


Magnificent Blooms by Benartex-6784-40


Minkee Blankie by Benartex - 976672


Multi Autumn Colors Allover Digitally Printed by Benartex-3698B-99


Multi Autumn Colors Digital 24" Panel, Kinkade Autumn Colors, by Benartex


Multi Evening Frost Panel by Benartex-24" Panel


Neutral Wine Cellar Digital by Benartex-9792B-07


New Traditions by Kanvas for Benartex 8633M-12


New Traditions by Kanvas for Benartex 8634M-07


New Traditions by Kanvas for Benartex 8635M-12


Nordic Holiday by Contempo for Benartex 1883-08


Nordic Holiday by Contempo for Benartex 1885-04


Oh My Stars! American Classic by Benartex - 969-10


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 2305 Miami Street
       South Bend, IN 46614


Stitch 'N Time FABRICS

We started with a building that needed much work  and with the help of many we were able to open in the Fall of 1993.  We only had a few bolts of fabrics and notions on the store floor.