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18" Rock Pool Toweling by Moda

A Simpler Time Brushed by Holly Taylor

Ahoy Me Hearties by Moda Fabrics

Ambleside by Moda

At Home by Moda

Autumn Elegance by Moda for Sentimental Studios

Autumn Lily by Moda Fabrics

Bee Inspired By Deb Strain for Moda

Behind the Scenes by Moda

Bella Solids by Moda Fabrics

Blushing Peonies

Bon Voyage Batiks

Candlelight Wovens by Ruby Star Society for Moda

Chafarcani by Moda

Christmas Morning by Lella Boutique by Moda

Clover Meadow by Moda

Collections for a Cause: Mill Book Series Circa 1889 by Moda

Collections Sunshine by Howard Marcus for Moda

Color Daze by Moda for Laundry Basket Quilts

Common Zen Chic by Moda Fabrics

Corner of 5th & Fun by Sandy Gervais for Moda

Country Orchard by Moda Fabrics

Country Road by Moda

Cozy Up by Corey Yoder Little Miss Shabby for Moda

Cranberries & Cream by 3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics

Cultivate Kindness by Moda

Day In Paris by Moda

Delightful December by Moda

Dover Field by Moda

Fall Impressions Flannel by Holly Taylor for Moda

Fanciful Forest by Moda

Farmhouse Flannels by Moda

Flourish by Moda

Forever Green by Moda

Fresh Fig Favorites by Moda

Garden House by Jan Patek for Moda

Goldenrod by One Canoe Two for Moda

Good Day By Moda

Grand Canal by Kate Spain for Moda

Grunge by Moda

Habor Springs by Moda

Holiday in the Pines by Moda

Holly Night Metallic by Moda

Home by Moda

Home Sweet Holidays by Deb Strain for Moda

Hometown Girl Prints by Moda

Hyde Park by Blackbird Designs Moda

Jardin De Fleurs by Moda

Jardin de Versailles by Moda

Kitty Corn by Urban Chks for Moda

Larkspur by 3 Sisters for Moda

Let It Glow by Moda


Little Ducklings by Paper and Cloth for Moda

Little Gatherings by Moda Fabrics

Llama Love by Moda

Love Notes by Moda

Lovely by Sandy Gervais for Moda

Lullaby by Moda

Mackinac Island by Moda

Magnolia Metallics by Moda

Maple Island by Moda

Marbles by Moda Fabrics

Marches De Noel by Moda

Meadow Blackbird Designs by Moda

Memoirs By Moda

Merry and Bright by Me and My Sister Designs for Moda

Mill Creek Garden by Jan Patek for Moda

Mille Couleurs by Moda

Morris Garden by Moda

My Redwork Garden by Moda

Needle Thread Gatherings by Moda

Oak Haven By Moda

Old Glory Gatherings - Primitive Gatherings by Moda Fabrics

On the Go by Moda Fabrics

Pepper Flax by Moda

Perfectly Seasoned by Moda

Picnic Basket Check by Moda

Plush Sandy Gervais by Moda

Prairie by Moda

Prairie Cactus by Kansas Troubles for Moda

Primitive Gatherings by Moda

Pumpkins Blossoms by Fig Tree and Co for Moda

Regency Romance by Moda

Regency Sussex by Moda

Sanctuary by Moda Fabrics

Sew American by Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics

Silver Linings Prints for Laundry Basket Quilts by Moda

Smitten by Moda

Snow Much Fun by Deb Strain for Moda

Snowberry by 3 Sisters for Moda

Snowman Gatherings II by Moda

Snowman Gatherings III

Spotted 2019 by Moda

Story Time by American Jane for Moda

Strawberry Fields Revisited by Moda

Sugarcreek by Moda

Summer Breeze by Moda

Sunflower Song Kansas Troubles by Moda

Sweet Blend Summer Wash Prints, Laundry Basket Quilts for Moda

Sweet Cherry Wine

Sweet Holly by Moda

Sweet Violet by Moda

Tend the Earth by Moda

THATCHED by Robin Picken for Moda

The Morris Apprentice by Moda

Thrive by Moda Fabrics

Through the Years by Moda

Twilight by Moda

Vintage Holiday by Moda

Vintage Picnic by Moda

Warm Winter Wishes by Holly Taylor for Moda

Welcome to Bear Country by Moda

Wild Nectar by Moda

Wild Rose By Blackbird Designs

Winter White by Moda

Woof Woof Meow by Moda Fabrics

Wool Needle IV by Moda

Wool Needle VI by Moda

Yuletide Gatherings by Moda

Sister Bay by Moda

Crystal Lane by Moda


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48" Chalk Cloth Black by Oilcloth International for Moda


108" Woodcut Floral Cream by Moda-11175 11, wide back


Bella Solids * Purple-9900 21, by Moda


Blushing Peonies Petal


Blushing Peonies Petal


Blushing Peonies Sprig


Cardinals quilt pattern by The Pattern Basket 58 3/4" x 60 1/2" - TPB 1905


Fall Impressions by Holly Taylor for Moda Juniper 6702-15F


Fall Impressions by Holly Taylor for Moda Juniper 6703-14F


Fall Impressions by Holly Taylor for Moda Sesame 6704-11F


Fall Impressions by Holly Taylor for Moda Sesame 6706-11F


Grunge Hits The Spot Manilla by Moda 30149 17


Grunge Hits The Spot White Pape, Moda, 30149 11


Grunge Iron by Moda 30150 438


Grunge Seeing Stars Creme by Moda


Grunge Seeing Stars Manilla


Grunge Seeing Stars Vanilla by Moda


Holiday Bear quilt pattern - AB 006


Jungle Paradise by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda, Multi 20780 11, 36" panel for a childs book


Kitty Corn Packaged Panel Multi by Moda Fabrics-31178 11P


Marbles Cardinal by Moda-9881 12


Metropolis 23" Panel by Moda 30560 14


Metropolis Grunge by Moda - 30150 436


Metropolis Grunge by Moda 30150 437


Metropolis Stately Fog By Moda


Printworks Holiday Christmas by Moda-5765 11P 36 X 54" SAMPLER"


Printworks Sampler Panel


Roman Holiday 3 Sisters by Moda - 3868 13


Star Stripe Gath Ivory Blue by Moda, 1267 12


Star Stripe Gath Red by Moda, 1267 15


Story Time byAmerican Jane for Moda- 24" Panel Multi-21790 11


Sweet Plum Mini Charms by Moda - 2730MC


Tabletastic 2 - AQD 0416


A Cabin Christmas Quilt 60x60 kit by Bunny Hill Designs for Moda Fabrics - K10881


Asian Traditions Natural by Robert Kaufman - SRKM-14828-14


Asian Traditions Sage by Robert Kaufman -SRKM-14826-34


Autumn Lily by Moda Fabrics - 2741 13


Autumn Lily by Moda Fabrics - 2745 11


Autumn Lily by Moda Fabrics - 2746 11


Barcelona Saffron Multi by Moda - 1531-23


Barcelona Sky by Moda - 1535-25


Bear Country School Blue by Moda - 55514 27


Bella Solids, Navy for Moda Fabrics, 9900 20


Birch Bark Lodge-Rust by Moda- 6433-14


Blue Moon, Moda Pumpkin Pie Prints, 42285-11


Boho Urban Chicks Market Whisper by Moda - 31096-14


Bon Voyage Batiks by Moda Fabrics, Honey, #42020 16


Brannock Patek Basics Olive by Moda - 12515 41


Cabana Batiks Tropical Flowers - Moda - 4122 17


Cabana Batiks - Moda - 4116 15


Cinnamon Spice Large Floral by Moda - 2700 11


Cinnamon Spice Medium Floral by Moda - 2703 15


Collections Sunshine Black, 46241 15, Moda


Collections Sunshine Black, 46242 15, Moda


Collections Sunshine Black, 46243 16, Moda


Color Blend Silver by Quilting Treasure 23528-KZ


Corner Of 5th Fun Blue Eyes, 17903 13, by Sandy Gervais for Moda


Corner Of 5th Fun Blue Eyes, 17904 13, by Sandy Gervais for Moda


Corner Of 5th Fun Sunshine, 17901 14, by Sandy Gervais for Moda


Corner Of 5th Fun Sunshine, 17902 14, by Sandy Gervais for Moda


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 2305 Miami Street
       South Bend, IN 46614


Stitch 'N Time FABRICS

We started with a building that needed much work  and with the help of many we were able to open in the Fall of 1993.  We only had a few bolts of fabrics and notions on the store floor.